Kids with Immune Dysregulation Disorders (KIDDs) Program

The immune system is a complex network of cells, tissues and organs that work together to defend the body against harmful substances and germs that can make you ill. However, sometimes the immune system can malfunction, leading to immune dysregulation disorders. These disorders can cause the immune system to either become overactive or underactive, resulting in various health issues.

Immune dysregulation disorders are complex, rare and challenging to diagnose. At the Children’s Wisconsin Kids with Immune Dysregulation Disorders (KIDDs) Program, we provide comprehensive assessments of each child from the viewpoint of multiple subspecialists ensuring a well embodied evaluation of each patient. Along with our expertise, we use state-of-the art diagnostic testing, genetic testing and multidisciplinary collaboration to determine the cause of immune dysregulation. Although these conditions can be difficult to diagnose, we believe a prompt understanding of the immune system will lead to the best and most specific treatment for each child. In some cases, a diagnosis can even lead to cure. We believe all our “KIDDs” deserve the best, including treatment and quality of life.

Why choose Children’s Wisconsin?

Children with immune dysregulation disorders often have complex symptoms that affect multiple organs. It may feel overwhelming to navigate many different doctor visits with a variety of specialists. Our comprehensive KIDDs Program is here to help. Our program is the only multidisciplinary immune dysregulation program in the state of Wisconsin, and one of only a few in the Midwest. The clinic is a one-stop shop where your family has access to resources throughout Children’s Wisconsin and multidisciplinary expertise – all in one visit. We use advanced testing and a holistic review of test results to personalize the treatment plan for all children in our program.

The Children’s Wisconsin KIDDs Program provides expertise from a team of specialists in immunology, hematology, bone marrow transplant/cellular therapy, rheumatology, infectious diseases, gastroenterology and other specialists. Each child will see a combination of specialists depending on their symptoms, and the case will be reviewed by the entire team for a multidisciplinary review. Each child has a physical exam, diagnostic and possibly genetic tests and personalized interpretation of past and new results. The goal is to provide a diagnosis and ultimately create an individualized treatment plan.

Children’s Wisconsin is home to the Medical College of Wisconsin Clinic Immunodiagnostic and Research Laboratory (CIRL), which provides a comprehensive panel of diagnostic services using innovative methods in detection, diagnosis and treatment of immunologic, hematologic and oncologic disease states. In conjunction with Versiti, Children’s Wisconsin has access to the Versiti Immunohematology Reference Laboratories to resolve complex immunohematology cases.

Our KIDDs team also provides second opinion and supportive care for patients living with immune dysregulation disorders by partnering with neighboring programs.


Under the direction of Dr. James Verbsky, the Clinical Immunodiagnostic and Research Laboratory (CIRL) provides state-of-the-art evaluations of primary immunodeficiencies and immune dysregulation disorders. The CIRL is dedicated to using the latest laboratory and scientific advancements to improve patients’ lives.

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