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The COMPASS Clinic at the MACC Fund Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders understands that knowledge is power. The more we understand about a tumor, the more effectively we can treat it. We are committed to providing smarter and more efficient cancer care.

For some children who are diagnosed with cancer, standard treatment therapies may not work. That’s when our experts in the COMPASS Clinic get involved. 

Using state-of-the-art technologies, our multidisciplinary team of oncologists, geneticists, molecular biologists and dermatologists runs tests to analyze the genetic and functional profile of a sample of your child’s tumor cells. We compare this to a sample of healthy cells collected with a simple swab on the inside of your child’s mouth. With this information, the COMPASS Clinic team reviews each individual case to identify potential targeted treatment options that may more effectively target tumor cells while preserving the surrounding healthy tissues. Our team meets regularly to review all available options to determine if a more targeted treatment can be safely incorporated into your child’s treatment plan. During our initial visit with your family, you can expect to learn more about the molecular changes in your child’s tumor, our team’s treatment recommendation, and the plan we’ve designed to safely incorporate this type of therapy into their treatment plans. We collaborate with a patient’s care team – near or far – to consult on the next best available treatment plan. In many instances we can arrange for treatment to be delivered by your child’s main oncology team. 

This is the future of cancer care. And the future is now at Children’s Wisconsin.

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