What is urinary and fecal incontinence?

Urinary and/or fecal incontinence is defined as the involuntary leakage of urine or fecal material past 5 years of age in children with normal structure. This condition can affect up to 1 out of 5 children. Nighttime urinary incontinence (nocturnal enuresis) is even more common and can occur in conjunction with daytime episodes.

The root cause of this problem may be structurally based (for example in children with congenital anomalies such as spina bifida), or functionally based (normal structure but abnormal bladder and or bowel function- or both). Although we offer consultation to both groups, our program is primarily focused on treating functional incontinence.

Many children benefit from medical, behavioral or pharmacologic treatments and in many, the condition will improve and spontaneously resolve over time as they get older.

However, some children will not respond to these treatments or respond only partially. We offer a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plans for these patients.

Should my child undergo an initial evaluation for this therapy?

  1. Has your child been evaluated by a Pediatric Urologist or Gastroenterologist?
  2. If yes, did treatment consist of any or all of the following?
    - Oral medication
    - Biofeedback therapy
    - Botox injection into the bladder (for urinary incontinence)
    - Various laxative and colonic irrigation methods (for fecal incontinence and or constipation)
  3. Have the treatments failed your child? Have they been only partially effective? Does treatment interfere with the quality of life of your child or family?
  4. Are you looking for an alternative treatment option to any current treatment your child is on or has been proposed?
  5. Are you interested in a second opinion?

If your answer is Yes to most of the above questions, please contact our office at (414) 266-3769 to request an information package. You can also request a second opinion online.

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