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  • Chief of Gastroenterology, Motility Program director and professor: Manu Sood, MD
  • Gastroenterology Motility and Autonomic Disorders, assistant professor: Katja K Kovacic, MD
  • Gastroenterology Autonomic Disorders and professor: Gisela G Chelimsky, MD
  • Gastroenterology nurse clinician: Lu Majeski, RN
  • Gastroenterology support person: Kristine Smith, administrative assistant (414) 266-3825 or KMSmith2@mcw.edu

Access Center for out-of-town families and referring physicians: (414) 266-6831 or accesscenter@chw.org

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Embarrassing accidents. Social isolation. Constant anxiety and fear. This is what life is like for many kids with uncontrolled bladder and bowel disorders. But thanks to a small electronic device, whose use in kids was pioneered by Dr. Manu Sood and Dr. Hrair-George Mesrobian at Children’s Wisconsin, these kids are now able to live life and grow up like any other. Read Nika’s sacral neuromodulation story.