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While a few other Children’s Wisconsins in the United States offer similar therapies, Children’s Wisconsin is one of the first to formally structure this therapy by objectively evaluating bladder and bowel function studies before and after the procedure to assess treatment response and success.

We carefully work to ensure the highest standards for monitoring the success of our procedures. We record in detail each child's bowel and bladder function starting at your first visit and continuing with each follow-up visit to monitor progress over time.


Since the start of our program, about 80% of patients selected for first stage procedure have qualified for second stage procedure (permanent device placement). This means that they have demonstrated more than 50% improvement in bladder and bowel symptoms during the two week trial period.

We carefully monitor patients after permanent device placement and periodically check in with them to ensure their device is functioning properly and that they have long-lasting improvement in their symptoms.

Nearly 90% of our patients report improvement in their bowel and bladder symptoms – with our earliest patients now approaching three years since their initial surgery.

Presentations and publications

Roewe Jr RF, Roth EB, Swedler R, Vanderpool H, Kovacic K, Sood M, Groth TW, Kryger JV, Mesrobian HG. Early experience with sacral neuromodulation in children with fecal incontinence. Poster session presented at: Society of Pediatric Urology Fall Congress; 2016 Sep 9-11; Dallas, TX

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How sacral neuromodulation transformed Nika’s life


Embarrassing accidents. Social isolation. Constant anxiety and fear. This is what life is like for many kids with uncontrolled bladder and bowel disorders. But thanks to a small electronic device, whose use in kids was pioneered by Dr. Manu Sood and Dr. Hrair-George Mesrobian at Children’s Wisconsin, these kids are now able to live life and grow up like any other. Read Nika’s sacral neuromodulation story.