10 days after

Beginning to transition from “post-operative” period to the “rehabilitation” period. 

  • The post-op visit will be coming up over the next week.
    • Your child should eat & drink before coming to the visit.
    • We will remove bandages at the visit and check the incision. We will let you know if it is healed enough for your child to shower.
  • Decrease pain medicine as able:
    • Oxycodone is usually the first medicine that can be stopped.
    • If not using oxycodone, cut back/stop using the diazepam as able.
  • Continue rolling shoulders, stretching neck, and stretching arms throughout the day. This helps with muscle stiffness.
  • Are your child’s days and nights mixed up? Try to get on a schedule:
    • Set an alarm to get up in the morning.
    • Spend most of the day in living room, not bedroom.
    • Limit nap to less than 2 hours. No naps after 3pm.
  • If planning for home tutor, make arrangements to start. If your child is only using prescription pain medicine 1-2 times per day, he/she may be ready to start doing a little homework.
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