24 hours after


  • Slowly increase the degrees of the head of your child's bed. This will help decrease symptoms of dizziness when he/she sits up for the first time.
  • Having your child helping out with position changes by moving his/her arms and legs will make your child less stiff and sore.
  • Physical Therapy will come by today and help your child sit up for the first time. Taking a few steps or sitting in a chair is encouraged. Your child may sit up with his/her nurse later on in the evening if he/she feels up to it.
  • Occupational Therapy will help you child to begin to take care of their personal hygiene cares.


  • If things have gone well with ice chips and other liquids, your child can slowly advance to crackers, toast, or other bland foods. If your child is sick to his/her stomach, nausea medicine can be given through the IV.


  • Pain team will come by and make adjustments based on how your child used his/her pain button and pain numbers.
  • Child Life specialists are available for help with distraction techniques.


  • Your child will continue with all of his/her IVs, tubes, and bandage today. Dressing supplies for home will be ordered.