24 hours after


  • Physical Therapy (PT) will come today to help your child sit and take steps.
  • Occupation Therapy (OT) will help your child with arm stretches and taking care of his/her personal hygiene.
  • Sit next to bed at least 3 times today.
  • Stand or walk in room 3 times today.


  • Chew mint gum.
  • Continue to advance eating food as your child tolerates.
  • Your child will be getting medicine for nausea in his/her IV.
  • Constipation medicines will be given throughout the day. Medicine may include a combination of:
    • Colace (docusate - stool softener) - in the morning
    • Senna (a laxative) - in the morning & afternoon
    • Miralax (mixed with juice, water, soda, or sport drink) - in the morning & evening. If given Miralax, your child must drink it within 20 minutes for it to help with bowel movements.
    • Enemeez (a 1 teaspoon enema) - in the evening if child does not have a bowel movement


  • The Pain Team will come by and make adjustments based on how often your child used the pain button & based on how much pain he/she is having.
  • Continue anti-inflammatory (Ketorolac) in the IV
  • Begin using liquid or pills for many pain medicines. We often use:
    • Tylenol (acetaminophen)
    • Valium (diazepam)
    • Oxycodone
  • Child Life Specialists can help with distraction and other techniques to help with pain.


  • Lab will come draw blood to check blood counts.
  • Continue with IV fluids.
  • Continue with tubes & drains such as the catheter & drain in the back.
  • We will check bandages often.

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