28 days after

Your child should be getting close to his/her normal schedule and routine. 

  • Child should be performing all his/her normal daily activities
    • Showering, getting dressed
    • Preparing snacks/meals
    • Light chores such as dusting areas that don’t require reaching/bending, loading/unloading top rack of dishwasher, folding clothes
    • Seeing friends
    • Going for walks
  • Plan for your return to school:
    • Consider beginning with partial days. Increase time at school as tolerated over 2 weeks
    • Avoid heavy backpacks. Plan to go to locker between each class, only carry necessary supplies
    • Allow extra time for passing. Consider using an elevator and transition between classes either early or late to avoid crowded hallways.
    • If textbooks are used, have 2 sets – 1 to keep at home, and 1 to keep at school.
    • No Gym class when first return. At follow-up visits you can discuss restrictions for sports and gym class
  • Do NOT drive until:
    • Off all pain medicine
    • Full arm, shoulder, neck and back motion
    • The Doctor says it is OK
  • Continue with a healthy diet.
    • High fiber, high protein, iron-rich diet is often important
    • Drink more than 64 ounces water per day if average teenage/adult size
    • Some patients, especially girls, need a multivitamin with iron
  • The scar will continue to heal for a year. It starts pink, and slowly fades to a color that is closer to his/her natural skin tone.
    • Protect the scar from sun. Use bandage, shirt, or high SPF sunscreen (30+) over scar when outdoors.
    • Some people like to use cocoa butter or scar creams. Wait until at least 6 weeks after surgery to use these products. 
  • Dental precautions are necessary after surgery.
    • Avoid routine dental work for 2-3 months after surgery if possible.
    • We will prescribe an antibiotic to take 1hour before dental visits. This is done for several years. 
  • Avoid tattoos and body piercings for at least 1 year after surgery. There is increased risk of infection due to the spine implants. 
  • Tobacco and nicotine can prevent healing and cause the spine not to fuse.
    • Smoking is never recommend. This includes use of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vaping, JUUL, and other products.
    • Avoid being around smokers whenever possible
  • Sports and activity will be restricted following surgery
    • We do not recommend use of trampoline after spine fusion
    • Rollercoasters and water slides should be avoided until the fusion is solid; we will let you know when it is OK to do these activities.
    • We will discuss return to sports at the next Orthopedic appointment.
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