21 days after

Continue to progress activity.

  • Your child should not need naps. If a nap is needed, it should be less than 45 minutes.
  • Pain should continue to improve.
    • Your child may still need scheduled Tylenol.
    • Only use ibuprofen if pain not improved with Tylenol.
    • Most children are off all prescription narcotics & muscle relaxers.
    • If struggling with pain management, contact Orthopedic Clinic at (414) 266-2411.
  • Get out of the house or come to have a friend visit during the day.
  • Try doing some normal activities:
    • Getting dressed
    • Making bed
    • Preparing snacks for him/herself
  • Work on school work throughout the day. Partner with home tutor or teachers to develop a plan for completing classwork.

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