48 hours after


  • Encourage sitting in a chair 4 times today.
  • Encourage walking 4 times today.
  • Arm exercises 3 times
  • PT will continue to help you with activity.


  • Chew mint gum.
  • Continue to eat small snacks/meals throughout the day. Your child's appetite will not be the same as normal because of the pain medicines.
  • We won't use scheduled IV nausea medicine today. If your child is nauseous, we can use an oral dissolving Zofran to treat nausea.
  • Continue with constipation medicines. If given Miralax, your child must drink it within 20 minutes for it to help with bowel movements.


  • PCA will likely end today, but IV doses of medicine will be available if needed. The goal is to avoid using IV pain medicine.
  • The Ketorolac will likely stop today, and your child will start using ibuprofen in a liquid or pill.


  • Lab comes to draw blood, so we can check blood counts.
  • The drain tube may come out today.
  • The catheter will likely be removed today. If your child has problems urinating, we may need to do another temporary catheter.
  • We will check bandages often. If edges roll up, we will show you how to reinforce them & tape them down.

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