Night of surgery


  • Slowly increase the degree of the head of your child's bed. This will help with dizziness when he/she sits up for the first time.
  • Have your child help with position changes by moving his/her arms and legs. This will make your child less stiff and sore.
  • Your child's nurse will help him/her sit for the first time.
    • He/she will begin by sitting at the edge of the bed.
    • If your child can, the nurse will try to help him/her sit in a chair next to the bed.
    • Even if your child is sleepy or nauseous, it is important to start moving this evening.


  • Chewing sugar free mint gum can help get your child eating & drinking again.
  • Your child will be getting medicine for nausea in his/her IV.
  • Start with ice chips and small sips of liquid. When that goes well, you can slowly advance to popsicles, Jell-O, crackers, toast and other bland foods.
  • Constipation medicine will start tonight. Your child will get 1 dose of Colace (docusate).


  • The Acute Pain Service has set up the PCA.
  • We will give your child a combination of anti-inflammatory (typically Ketorolac) and analgesic (typically acetaminophen) in the IV.
  • Valium (diazepam) is a muscle relaxer given in the IV.


  • Lab will come draw blood to check blood counts.
  • Continue with IV fluids.
  • Continue with tubes & drains such as the catheter & drain in the back.
  • We will check bandages often.
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