72 hours after


  • How far has your child walked? He/she should try to go farther with each walk. PT will determine when your child is cleared and safe for discharge. OT will also let you know when your child has met their outcomes.


  • Your child should keep drinking your Miralax within 20-30 minutes of getting it from your nurse, and continue to eat small snacks/meals throughout the day. Your child's appetite will not be the same while he/she is on the pain medicine. If your child has not pooped today, we will help that along by giving a suppository.


  • Your child's PCA will be removed today and oral pain medicine will continue. How are your child's pain scores on the oral pain medicine? If they are high, let your nurse know.


  • If your child still has a drain tube, it will be removed and your bandage will be changed. Parents should watch this process so you will be able to demonstrate doing this for the nurse prior to discharge.