Perinatal palliative care

Perinatal palliative care is part of the comprehensive care we offer to families who have received a fetal diagnosis. We recognize that families facing fetal concerns experience a sense of loss and grief, and at the same time are searching for hope. We work to support them as they navigate uncertainty, difficult decisions and emotional challenges.

Palliative care is an active approach that embraces physical, emotional, social and spiritual support, focusing on the enhancement of the quality of life for the child and support for the family.

Palliative care can be integrated into the care of babies who receive attempts at curative medical intervention, including fetal interventions, as well as in the care of babies whose diagnoses are potentially life-threatening.

Our expert staff takes the time for extensive conversations with families that explore:

  • Moral and religious beliefs
  • Spiritual needs
  • Ethical and medical questions
  • Hopes, dreams and wishes
  • Care preferences 

Together with the family, we help create a perinatal palliative care plan that may include:

  • Advanced care decision-making
  • Birth care planning
  • Maternal/paternal care
  • Care of the newborn
  • Mental health/grief support
  • Lactation support
  • Memory making
  • Support for siblings and extended family

Our staff includes physicians, nurses and support staff who are specially trained and nationally-recognized for their expertise in supporting families who are facing the loss of a pregnancy or the death of an infant. 

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