Sport psychology

Sport psychology teaches athletes skills to perform more consistently in practices and games. Athletes learn how to maintain focus, set goals, regulate energy levels and maintain confidence, which all help to increase the athlete's level of success.

Sports injury and surgical recovery

Athletes typically encounter some challenges in injury/surgery recovery. Sport psychology can help athletes maintain motivation for a successful recovery from injury and a confident return to sport.

Examples of goals:

  • Adjustment to injury
    • Athletes' reactions to injury can include denial, disappointment, sadness, and frustration.
  • Adjustment to recovery process
    • Athletes often feel frustrated with the pace of progress in the recovery process. Sometimes they lose motivation because they do not see significant gains at a fast pace.
    • Athletes can have anxiety or doubt about their ability to fully recover.
  • Return to sport
    • Athletes may worry about re-injury, not being as good as they were prior to the injury, losing their spot on a team and reaching their performance goals.

Sport psychologists help athletes take an active role in injury recovery by helping them create recovery goals and learn ways to maintain motivation and keep a positive attitude throughout the recovery process until successfully back to their sport.

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