For families:

Find free, interactive and engaging education and resources, focused on nutrition, physical activity and healthy minds. Watch videos, download recipes, and try interactive activities that start your kids on the road to a healthy lifestyle because healthy kids learn more!

Nutrition-ages-two-to-four  Nutrition-five-to-twelve Nutrition-thirteen-and-up

Explore fun videos, recipes, interactive mini-lessons and activities to learn more about the basics of nutrition and the importance of healthy eating.

Physical-activity-ages-two-to-four  Physical-activity-ages-five-to-twelve Physical-activity-ages-thirteen-and-up 

These short activities and engaging mini-lessons are a great way for families to learn about the importance of getting physical activity each and every day.

Healthy-minds-ages-two-to-four  Healthy-minds-ages-five-to-twelve  Healthy-minds-thirteen-and-up 

Use these activities with your family to practice being mindful, learn ways to be more focused and engaged, and find useful tips about sleep.