Meet Aubrey from Waukesha

18 month-old Aubrey is a social, funny and sweet girl who has come a long way to be where she is today. aubrey

When Aubrey's mom, Emily, was 20 weeks pregnant, she discovered that Aubrey had Down syndrome and a heart defect called atrioventricular septal defect. Both of Aubrey's parents were working as educators with modest incomes, and they were worried about the medical care and services Aubrey would require. They were referred to the Fetal Concerns Center at Children's Wisconsin, which helped prepare for Aubrey's arrival and future needs.

Shortly after Aubrey was born, her parents applied for the Wisconsin Katie Beckett Program to receive coverage through Medicaid. When Aubrey was six months old, she had surgery to repair her heart defect. Aubrey's Medicaid coverage helped cover the costs of this surgery, her specialist care and her stay in the cardiac intensive care unit.

After her surgery, Aubrey's motor skills became delayed, requiring help through physical, occupational, speech and language therapies. Aubrey's parents have been able to support her motor skill development and address communication and feeding delays through specialist services covered by Medicaid. Aubrey continues to see specialists at Children's Herma Heart Center and the Gastroenterology, Liver and Nutrition Program to monitor her heart, help keep her development on track and problem solve some of her digestive concerns. Aubrey's mom says, "All of these services have given Aubrey a better chance to be her best self, to become a contributing member of society and to blow the ceiling off possibility!"

Please keep Medicaid strong for kids like Aubrey!