Meet Keagan, 4, from Waukesha

Keagan as one of Medicaid's faces

Like many kids her age, Keagan loves music. Sadly, when she was born, Keagan was diagnosed with mild hearing loss.

Keagan was fitted with hearing aids at 7 months old and that helped for a time. But soon after, the family learned that she had enlarged vestibular aqueducts, which meant that her hearing loss would progressively get worse. In fact, Keagan's hearing loss progressed so quickly that within two years it was so severe that even the most powerful hearing aids would not allow Keagan to hear all of the speech sounds.

When she was 3 years old, Keagan had her first surgery for cochlear implants, with a second surgery at almost 4 years old. Today, Keagan is hearing better than ever before!

Despite the fact that Keagan's father is employed with insurance coverage, the multiple hearing aids and the cochlear implants were very costly and insurance did not cover them. Secondary Medicaid coverage helped provide Keagan the best care to help her hear well and enjoy a high quality of life.

"Medicaid covered many of the expenses for Keagan's care for her hearing loss," said Keagan's mom, Julie. "We would have been thousands of dollars in debt just to help our child hear. I know Medicaid saved us from so much hardship."

Please keep Medicaid strong for kids like Keagan!