Meet Jordyn, 13, from St. Francis

Jordyn from St. Francis as one of Medicaid's faces

Jordyn is a quiet but friendly young girl who has struggled with medical complications her entire life. She enjoys visiting museums, crafts, animals, going to the ballet and symphony, water parks and the movies. Jordyn was born with Spina bifida, a rare birth defect that results in a baby's spinal cord failing to develop while in the womb. She's had approximately 33 surgeries since she was born and will continue to need surgeries throughout her life.

"I would say that Jordyn has well exceeded a million dollars just in surgery costs," said her mom, Sandi.

Jordyn's most recent surgery was a full spinal fusion to address severe scoliosis and an improper connection of her spinal cord. This was the latest intervention to manage the loss of bowel and bladder function, symptoms often seen in patients with Spina bifida. To improve her quality of life and enable to her enjoy the activities she loves, she requires monthly medical supplies and medications and participates in regular physical therapy. She also needs constant monitoring and checkups to make sure that the shunt in her brain is functioning properly to relieve the fluid pressure from hydrocephalus. Jordyn uses a wheelchair, AFO braces and a walker to assist with her mobility. Staff at Jordyn's school provide daily assistance for her to participate in school activities.

Jordyn sees a number of specialists at Children's including doctors from neurology, orthopedics, urology, and ophthalmology. Due to her long-term health needs and complex care, she is eligible to receive Medicaid coverage through the Katie Beckett Program. That funding allows the family to work with the hospital's Special Needs program, which ensures her care is coordinated.

"I can't even think about what would happen should she not have Medicaid coverage through Wisconsin's Katie Beckett Program. Kids like Jordyn need this program to remain strong so they can lead the healthiest lives they can," said Sandi. "Children's gave me my daughter's life, and continues to give us her life every time we walk through the doors of the hospital. I remember every doctor, every caring nurse, aide, therapist, housekeeping person, café workers and kind smiles from other parents."

Please keep Medicaid strong for kids like Jordyn!