Healthy Hearts Program

Proactively reducing risk of early heart disease

Our Healthy Hearts preventive cardiology clinic serves newborns, children and young adults who are at risk of early heart disease. Patients are referred to our program when there are concerns of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity, and/or there is a family history of early heart disease.

With clinics in Milwaukee and Neenah, the Healthy Hearts Program takes a comprehensive approach to preventive care and management. The team is comprised of clinicians across several disciplines who identify and reduce the cardiovascular risk factors in children.  By providing personalized education, lifestyle modification and medication therapies, we aim to meet the individual health needs of each child in our program and help reduce the risk factors for future cardiovascular disease. 

What to expect from our program

Following an initial, in-depth assessment, our team develops an individualized treatment plan with a strong focus on healthy living, nutrition, physical activity and behavior. 

Our evaluation and follow-up process may include the following:

Follow-up visits are scheduled based on the individual needs of the patient and family. Some of these visits may be done by virtual video visit via MyChart. 

Meet our Healthy Hearts Program team 

The Healthy hearts team is comprised of clinicians across several disciplines to ensure we are caring for every aspect of early heart disease.