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During a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), every second counts – and Project ADAM is on a mission to make our communities more heart-safe & ready to respond in the event of a SCA. Project ADAM will work with your organization to put together a written action plan, ensure that you are trained and ready to act in a cardiac emergency, confirm that AEDs are available and accessible, and conduct regular AED drills. Once an organization has taken all of the necessary steps to safeguard their community site, Project ADAM will designate them as Heart Safe.

Heart safe community site

What does it mean to be Heart Safe?

Your school is prepared, trained and empowered to take action during a sudden cardiac emergency, and has partnered with Project ADAM to:

  • Identify a CPR/AED trained emergency response team
  • Create an emergency response plan that activates the team during a sudden cardiac emergency
  • Run regular cardiac emergency response drills to test and improve your plan
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