Pediatric Heart Surgery — A Ready Reference for Professionals

Following are selections from Pediatric Heart Surgery — A ready reference for professionals by L. Eliot May, PA-C.

The field of pediatric cardiothoracic surgery is complex. The cardiac anomalies we are presented with each year are numerous. Many anomalies represent a spectrum of disorders, sometimes with differing surgical approaches. It is understandably difficult to maintain a working knowledge base that encompasses all varieties of congenital cardiac defects. The goal of this book is to provide caregivers with a simple, easy to understand reference that makes it possible to quickly review the basic anatomy, pathophysiology, surgical techniques, and postoperative considerations for
many common congenital defects.

This reference is not intended to be an exhaustive review of all facets of congenital heart disease. Many fine texts exist for that purpose. Please use this text with the understanding that surgical techniques and management strategies are constantly evolving.

Table of contents

About Eliot May

Eliot May was initially hired by Dr. S.B Litwin as a physician assistant at Children's Wisconsin in 1985. He has worked at Children's Wisconsin in the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery since. As a senior physician assistant on the busy pediatric cardiothoracic surgery service, he assists in hundreds of operations every year. He developed this book to help other medical care professionals better
understand the basics of congenital heart anomalies and the surgical repairs used. 

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